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Program of works


(House Building Work Schedule)


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 For anyone wanting an idea where to start Planning your build, or wanting to know the sequence of events needed to build a house or extension, the Estimating Build Cost list is a starting point.



 Our Project Manager  can help you Build a Program of Works 




     The following list shown below (available as Excel "Program of Works " or "WorkScheduleExample.xls" free Download) is a good reference point to give you an idea where to start. The Excel Spreadsheet has several weeks work spread out (horizontally) with all of the jobs needed for the Construction of a House (or Extension) along with most of the materials needed (to order) in sequence to remind you what comes next in the build and where and when to Schedule Work or Sub Contractors.


   This Handy Programme of Works Spreadsheet can be manipulated and expanded upon to suit your needs.  



Download: WorkScheduleExample.xls


also known as:




Program of Works.xls  



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