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Please visit the NHBC site to see how NHBC's 10-year Buildmark warranty is a Construction Industry Standard recognised by all of the Mortgage Lenders, this can be very important if you require a mortgage at the end of your Self Build, and/or you intend selling your Property after construction or Refurbishment as you will need some form of structural guarantee insurance policy. 





  Self Build New Homes are based in Sheffield but work Nationwide, being NHBC registered means that over the years, we have earned a Credible amount of trust through building several quality homes monitored each time by NHBCInspectors.


              We work closely with NHBC inspectors and quite often use their knowledge and experienced advice on many aspects of construction stages such as foundation works and drainage runs, for example:- even after following designed drawings to the mm, areas of Construction can still throw up challenging desisions to be made onsite if problems are caused up by unexpected obsticles, Inspectors are always avaiable for consultation on these matters and usually offer advice on the best solutions. 





    I believe it is worth mentioning that even with good planning, good intentions and the best will in the world, Construction can sometimes go wrong or hit problems, NHBC not only look at the good working practices of Builders, but also at how Builders address and rectify any problems should they arise in a build (as they sometimes do!).




                        We are confident of our skills and we have a conscience about our work, we also know our limits! for example, where professional advice (Structural Engineers, Ground Investigation etc) is needed on a build, then only Professional advice will be sought  (We don't use guesswork!).


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We are experienced in estimating build cost and can offer customers detailed and transparant quotes showing exactly! where their money is going and what it will Build!


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      Like the NHBC we believe in raising the standards in construction and promoting good working practice in the building trade, an example of our work can be found on this website.


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