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Some Cool and low cost ideas to improve your Home Audio experience



Have you got a spare pair of Speakers?

Here is an idea..


Enhanced Stereo Speaker system (Poor mans Quadraphonic or Surround Sound)

At home I use four speakers for my Hi Fi (or Stereo) using this simple set up Diagram shown below, I have found it enhances a stereo set up with actual seperation between all speakers. I found using larger speakers for the back pair works better and also depends on speaker impeadance. It is credited to someone called Hafler and called the "Hafler Hook up", If you have an extra set of speakers....give it a try!

Hafler hookup








Looking for TV's that connect to your home Hi Fi see :-


Smart TV's


also see:-


Home Gadgets


What is Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound?

Dolby Digital is an industry standard surround sound audio codec designed to deliver 5.1 channels of audio to many popular forms of entertainment including DVDs; Blu-ray Discs; cable, broadcast, and satellite TV programming; PCs; and even video games. An advanced encoding/decoding technology, Dolby Digital reproduces multichannel audio to deliver a cinematic Surround Sound audio experience.

Surround sound changes the way you watch and listen to entertainment. Conventional stereo uses two speakers to create dimensional sound in front of you. Surround sound uses an array of speakers and sub woofer speakers, placed around you, to create a complete, multidimensional sonic environment. Movies and concerts spring to life as you feel you are in the center of the action.



This Home theatre set up looks pretty cool for the price!



...and this TV would work well with the Surround Sound Set up





Want to play Music from your Tablets, Ipads and Phones through your Hi Fi  without costing a fortune?


Bluetooth Audio receiver and Connection to Hi Fi

I can recomend this Cheap little device from Logitech I use at home for connecting my phone via Bluetooth to my Hi Fi so I can play my music stored on my phone through my home Stereo, it plugs into your phono sockets (Aux in) or Mini Jack on your Hi Fi or Media Center and then can receive music over bluetooth from your phone or Tablet or iPod. Quality is really good when compared to other devices! (Editors Note: I know quality Audio when I hear it as I was a Recording Studio Sound Engineer for 25 years!)





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May 4, 2019
Sonos 5 Review


Engadget Review. The Play:5 is the best speakerSonos has ever made. Its reliance on a single app for controlling all your audio services means the software experience isn't quite as slick as it could be, but it's easy to set up and sounds as good as its $499 price tag suggests.


April 9, 2019
speakers...are they important?

 Although technology might be advancing at a breakneck speed, one thing always stay the same: we audiophiles have high standards. We want our sound to be clear, we want it to be full and, perhaps most importantly, we want it to be true to the original source. 

Although the principles of stereo sound may be decades old now, and it's single unit speakers that are dominating the audio market, audiophiles far and wide still believe that two speakers really are a whole lot better than one. 

But although that may be the case, actually finding a set of speakers that ticks all of our boxes is much easier said than done. 

Fast-forward to 2019 and smart speakers are close to being a household staple.

Amazon's Alexa ecosystem has now grown to 20,000 Alexa-compatible devices from more than 3,500 brands, and it's only growing bigger. Meanwhile, Google released smart speakers with its own voice assistant built in, and Apple's much-vaunted Siri-controlled HomePod and Sonos's One are leading the way for good-sounding smart speakers.

It seems every audio manufacturer is releasing a smart product with at least one voice assistant built inside it these days. And they're just getting started.






Definitely can recomend this Smart Wireless Speaker..