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Home Automation

Many home owners now haveinternet connections to their homes for computers to surf the net and TV's to download films and content, but what about the rest of the home?


Can your fridge go online and order more eggs when you're running low?

Will your Boiler call the Plumber for a Service if it feels it's under pressure?

Will you're living room alter the mood lighting to red if it senses you are angry?


 We hope to show you some interesting ideas and how some typical gadgets work in your home with suggestions on how to get the best out of them, we hope to look into the best devices that allow you to speak to your home for automated control of lights, heating, blinds, TV and much more!



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Home Automation can cover not only lighting but many other systems in your home, for example you may want your heating system to communicate with your ventilation or Air conditioning system, if you switch on Air con you probably wont want heating on. In the same way you may have sensors to detect if rooms are not being used throughout the week very often, a computer program will recognise movement patterns in your home and reduce temperature if not being used or predict when the rooms require heat thus making savings in your Energy bills.










Blinds and Curtains could be operated (Opened and Closed) Automatically by small hidden motors controlled by your lighting system, even when your away from home your house could operate opening and closing curtains and switching on lights in a random or pre programmed manner to give the illusion someone is at home.

Home Automation Sensors could text your phone to let you know of a security problem when you are away or let you know the boiler has stopped working, water leaks or power cuts etc.


Fexible Smartphone App's taking Control

To say SmartThings' Kickstarter campaign was a success is an understatement: the Internet of Things outfit, which offers a clever array of home automation sensors, routers and smartphone apps, quickly sold out of its first batch of kits. Naturally, the company isn't stopping there -- it's making good on its goal of providing an open-source platform for developers, as it announced the availability of its Developer and Inventor Toolkit.

Now, interested parties can create and develop their own SmartThings, and can collaborate with like-minded folks to come up with even more ways to take advantage of the platform. Additionally, it supports several types of wireless standards, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Z-Wave, giving it interoperability with various home automation systems.

SmartThings connects a large number of household items -- appliances, automatic door locks, thermostats, humidity sensors, presence sensors, power outlet switches, IR remotes, secret bookcase doors and plenty more -- to a central router which then can be controlled through a smartphone app.

You could even call up your house and look at video cameras around your home on your smartphone or send a text to put the heating on, switch on the sauna and heat the pool.

How about a video doorbell that will call your phone anywhere in the world?


Here are some hand picked Home Automation Gadgets I can recomend