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What is a Tablet or Ipad? 
    The iPad or Tablet looks to bridge the gap between the smart phone, laptop and PC and at the same time give MP3 players and ebook readers a run for their money. Their slick design, speedy processor, good connectivity and incredible features may make them a living-room staple across the land -- if people can justify buying one!
They are a touch screen computer usually without a keyboard or dvd/cd drive, however software keyboards can be shown onscreen and using the touch screen it allows one to type. Pictures/Video and other content can be quickly manipulated around the screen using just touch on the screen itself!, using a pinching type gesture with your fingers onscreen enables sizing of pictures and text, objects onscreen can be enlarged or decreased quickly with other cool tricks not available on common Laptops


What is Android?
Android for the people who dont know is the operating system which runs a device.
It is different to windows, XP, Vista, Apple, Unix and many more operating systems which you may have heard of that run on a host of different devices.
      An Operating system allows other "Programs" or "App's"  to run on top of the Operating system and talk to the actual mechanics of the device like to it's storage area or what is shown on the screen or what comes out of the speakers or making the camera take a piture etc.   These "Programs" and "App's" are becoming very popular and versatile tools that run on PC's and Pocket devices such as Smartphones, now ipad's and Tablets seem to be the next revolution in digital gadgets.  


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My Advice before you Buy any iPad or PC Tablet! 


     Most iPad's and other PC Tablet's will need an internet connection to download Ap's and other media (and in the case of Android Ipad tablet devices, a constant internet connection for some ap's to work!).

Check if you are going to use wifi (normally available at home if you have Broadband and a wireless router) or via the mobile phone network where you will need to have a Sim card (in a capable ipad tablet device) and some form of contract with a Cell phone network with a minimum 2/3G or HSPDA DATA  connection and usage allowance (using Data on the "Pay as you go"  Phone networks can be very expensive!).


  Check that the ipad or Tablet device you are buying has the facility to connect to the internet with at least one of the above methods. 






Other considerations before buying an Ipad or PC Tablet are:-


Check List


Memory, can you upgrade your iPad or Tablet?  Has it enough memory?.Does it have a SD slot? 

Software, can that be upgraded? What version is the device running?

Processor Speed, what is the speed of your iPad or Tablet .

Ports (Sockets),What Data/Input and Outputs does your iPad or Tablet have? HDMI? USB?

Adobe Flash Player, Check if you have a capable iPad device. as a lot of internet Video content uses this format,

Camera, does it have one (forward facing) and a second (rear facing) or none? , how many Mega Pixels?

Mic, does it have a microphone or Mic input jack socket? 

Speakers, Does it have them and/or Headphone Jack Socket

Operating System, is it an "Android", "Windows"," Apple" or other operating system? 

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May 18, 2013
PC Tablets and Ipads


             Android 4.3, the next update to Google's world-conquering mobile software, will come out on 10 June, according to Android and Me's Taylor Wimberly. Wimberly went hands-on with the heavily tipped but so far unannounced white version of the Nexus 4, and whichever unnamed Google-related bod had the snowy blower revealed that 4.3 will start rolling out next month. That's all unconfirmed and rumourish of course, so take it with a pinch of salt. Various leaks indicated 4.3 would take a bow at Google's I/O conference this week, but the show's keynote speech was so rammed full of announcements and new services that the Big G may well have decided to give the new version of Android its own spotlight. Indeed, Wimberly says Google insiders told him the Big G wanted to show it could launch significant new stuff without having to update Android's firmware. The timing next month may well coincide with Apple's launching iOS 7 at its own WWDC event that day, with Google hoping to cheekily nab at least some of the iPhone's limelight. Android 4.3 isn't expected to be a massive upgrade -- fans have been hoping for the jump up to Key Lime Pie, the next alphabetically named dessert to lend its moniker to a significant update, but test code has pointed to it being another version of Jelly Bean. That's at least partly because so many Android phones have yet to catch up to Jelly Bean. Only 28 per cent of devices that access the Google Play store are running the latest version, with 2.3 Gingerbread by far the most popular on 38 per cent, despite being over two years old. Even among Jelly Bean gadgets, the vast majority use Android 4.1, as opposed to the very latest 4.2. So it might not be a bad idea to wait for updates to catch up a little before launching yet another version, which would just make it harder for developers. Are you gagging for an update to your phone? What would you like to see added to Android? Is Google right to hold off Key Lime Pie? Dish up your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our delicous Facebook page.

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(April) Android v3.0 Honeycomb operating system is now making it's way onto Tablet devices available from May 30th, see Amazon Acer Ad above for example


(March)       We are told although version 2.2 (Froyo) of Android (used on Smartphones) is being used on many early ipad tablets, it is an operating system which is stretching its limits to work on ipad Tablet's not so bad on 7 inch ipad Tablets but not very good on 10 inch Tablets.

 The next version 3.0 of Software we here is code named "Honeycomb" or "Gingerbread" and is more specific for use with ipad Tablets both 7 inch and 10 inch Tab's.





Operating Systems

        Android operated iPad devices (which work well with Google maps and other Google services) have different Ap’s (Applications) available to them compared to an Apple iPad. The market place or Website Ap’s are downloaded from are different on both platforms, although popular Ap’s are usually available on both types of iPad Tablets,...Android tend to have more useful free Ap’s available and is a fast growing market as anyone can create an ap forAndroid iPad devices as the code is open source.


        Its worth mentioning that Windows Operating System is expected to be available on some iPad devices with other makers offering their own operating systems for their own iPad Tablet devices to confuse matters.

Personal Note:-I believe Android is the Future for iPads!






Amazon Kindle 

WiFi and 3G 

The Kindle is a dedicated Book Reader, Books can be downloaded direct to the Kindle Device, this is not a Tablet as such but  an ideal alternative to buying Books!, Click on picture below for more Details or to Buy