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             Extensions usually require Planning consent to be built unless they?fall within a certain distance from the Boundary of your house and/or are less than 3m in size, if your circumstances?are just right, it may be possible to build under?a term called "Permitted Development Rights" which do not require 8 weeks (or more) waiting for a Planning desicion.



              Other considerations when building Extensions are details like:- do you need any remedial work to existing walls and foundations?, old houses do not always have footings in the conventional sense, you may find your walls need  Underpinning before Extension walls can be added to them.






 Many old House walls did not have Damp Proof Courses (DPC) installed in them when they were built and when an outer wall of your house becomes an internal wall after an Extension build, What used to be the outer leaf (Brickwork) will now be an Internal wall, Damp could rise into the New Extension room if it is not treated before plastering,

see -Rising Damp Problems?



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